The Science of HealthRegen

HealthRegen is a biotechnology/pharmaceutical company developing next generation and proprietary best-in-class strategies and therapies for people with diabetes, with products from ready for launch to early R&D stages.

A world free from diabetes existed just a few thousands year ago. Diabetes is caused by human systematic errors and is related to poor lifestyles. Though foods are abundant, key dietary elements are unfortunately deficient in the diets of people with diabetes. To prevent the onset of this disease, a variety of dietary guidelines including the Australian NHMRC’s healthy eating guidelines do not suit, or are less effective for, most people in need. Therefore, innovative strategies, approaches and products are urgently needed to tackle the issue of poor lifestyles. Our complementary medicine (CM) products are specifically formulated to rebalance the diet of diabetics – by actively intervening overeating, and help free people from this disease. Thus, though human history cannot go backwards, our complementary medicine and other therapies described below can help the world towards becoming diabetes-free.


Stem cell therapy

When people’s own immune system mistakenly destroy most of the cells that produce the hormone called insulin, they are diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic (T1D). To this end, we are developing a stem cell therapy to replace the lost insulin-producing cells, thus allowing people with T1D to become independent from exogenous insulin therapy and minimizing the associated devastating complications.


Redifferentiation therapy

Due to chronic high blood sugar levels, the insulin-producing cells are unable to perform their own roles and their biological clocks are turned back to an immature stage; people affected by this suffer from type 2 diabetes (T2D). We are developing drugs that will restore or redifferentiate the lost function of the diseased insulin-producing cells, and help regenerate the health of people with T2D along with our complementary medicine.


Collaborate with us!

HealthRegen embraces collaborations with willing biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, as well as world-renowned research and clinical institutions all over the world to develop its solutions, platform and products for diabetic sufferers.

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